Hey! I'm Steve ^___^

A quick note: This site is very WIP at the moment & is seeing a lot of change. More art & tech breakdowns are on the way. 

I'm a technically-minded real-time artist who experiments with rendering, abuses variables, & pushes parameters to make art unique to the videogames medium. Most comfortable when blending mathematics, sculpture, and sheer creative effort.  


3D modeling/sculpting (Blender, Maya, Zbrush, Mudbox)

3D graphics math (linear algebra, vector math, etc.)

Shaders (surface & post-process, Shader Forge, Amplify, UE4)

Console Optimization (Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One)

Allegorithmic Substance suite

Unity, Unreal 4

Look & style development

Documentation (tools, asset use, asset/art pipeline, etc)


Co-Founder & 3D Lead at PolyKnight Games, LLC

Developed & Released first commercial title InnerSpace on: Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, Steam, Mac, & Linux

Work featured in digital & physical publications: Edge Magazine #278, Eurogamer, IGN, Kotaku, Playstation Blog, PC Gamer, Xbox Wire, Dallas Morning News, More...

IndieCade Selection 2017

B.A. in Arts & Technology from The University of Texas at Dallas (2015)

My Work

The Leviathan was built as a large-scale boss for InnerSpace. Despite being an animated creature moving around the world, both interior and exterior are fully-navigable levels.

Net HUGE performance benefits because these can be static-batched, unlike real-time cloth simulations, or other animation methods that rely on skinned mesh renderers.

Created the character modeling & shading pipeline for The Center for Brain Health's Virtual Gemini project. Each bust was sculpted to match the likeness of a real person.

Gorgon Sculpt


Based on a concept piece by artist Tobias Kwan ' https://fav.me/d32hzvt

About me

Steve Zapata a.k.a. ZappForThat a.k.a. Notorious R.G.B 

Twitter @ZappForThat 


steve.a.zapata (at) gmail