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I'm a technically-minded real-time artist most comfortable when blending mathematics, sculpture, and sheer creative effort. 

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Like A Drawing, But 3D

With the permission of the original artist, Ching Yeh, I am attempting to accurately replicate one of their original 2D pieces, in 3D.

This approach also aims to be a light-weight solution, ideal for game pipelines and real-time use.ย 

This is a work in progress


The Model

My current progress on both the model and shader

This shading model attempts to reproduce the style of the artist.

The Reference

Original art by Ching Yeh: Artstation | Twitter: @Cbotme

Dev Log

Blocked in the rest of the forms and spent some time fine-tuning the placement of elements to match the image. Next steps will be to improve the characterโ€™s hands, as well to incorporate those currently missing from the sword. Iโ€™m looking forward to working on the cloth wraps on the sword as well.

Given that the texturing for this character is almost entirely proceduralโ€”through a Substance Designer/Painter pipeline that I setup at the start of the projectโ€”Iโ€™m finding the addition of these new elements to be a fast & intuitive process. This could easily be expanded into a production-ready pipeline.

After blocking in the forms of the arm, I baked the details down to a low-poly test mesh to check the general look with the shading model.

I spent a lot of time trying to better grasp of how @Cbotme approached the arm musculature . They clearly have a strong grasp of anatomy and are choosing to both use & distort it for a more dramatic effect.

The artist seems to duplicate existing muscle groups while occasionally adding new muscles all together. Additionally the artist also layered some of the muscles in the wrong order. This fantastical combination & repetition of recognizable forms resulted in a design of that became more confusing the more I tried to identify the 'correct' underlying anatomical structure.

Ultimately, taking the time to map out the individual muscles, their curvature, layering, and volume, was a useful exercise and dramatically improved my second attempt that sculpting the arm.

Projecting a screen-space texture with corrections for both object translation and scale + camera translation.

This approach produces a more 'stable' projection by eliminating most of the 'texture swimming' common with traditional screen-space texture projection.

Developing shading model with low-poly asset & baked maps

Rough sculpt of body

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๐Ÿฆ Leviathan

๐Ÿฆ Leviathan

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